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Airborne Management
Managers Learn from Pilots - for Superior Decision-Making in your Company


Airlines are proven to be the means of transport with best safety records - superior even to trains and ships.

This is only possible because there are methods and techniques in aviation that make the system safe.

Airborne Management has analysed these methods  and transferred them to management tasks - resulting in a completely new kind of training:

- Decision Management

                  - Risk Management

                                 -  Superior leadership

Aviation - our heritage and experience - delivers the best result in forward-looking management and risk evaluation.

Our claim is to translate know-how from aviation to specific applications in your enterprise.

One of the issues is standardization of complex systems and standardization in conduct of complex ventures.




The courses offer additional values for all staff-levels. You will improve your recognition skills and your company profits from opportunities and risik avoidance in your branch.

  • for the CEO and CFO: Safer strategic decisions

  • for the management: Dependability in leadership and more responsibility

  • for the project manager: Safe, systematic and better prepared

  • for career enhancement: Optimum preparation for new tasks

New approach to distinguished education thru the "airborne"-Management Concept yields a strong learning-curve and high acceptance by the participants. The learning contents are directly applied to the companie´s projects of our participants. The expenditure of time for the course is minimized by looking for the solution of current tasks as part of the course.