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Stefan Unzicker, pilot and CEO of the Moving Terrain AG, places his long lasting management experience to our Seminar and illustrates complex issues in a simple way - due to his practical experience in test flights, aviation projects, as CEO of the MT-AG and as air transport pilot. He is the author of the Seminars following the "airborne" Management Concept.


Benchmarking data regarding the person:



Management MT AG

Aviation-Engineering and Flight Testing
  • Co-pilot at the first flight of the Zeppelin NT (Wikipedia) airship in September 1997. Responsible for the workout of Emergency and Abnormal Procedures for the first flight

  • System development of flight control / cockpit design of the LZN07

  • Creation of a simulation model regarding the flight dynamics of the Zeppelin NT

  • Dornier Seastar GmbH&CoKG, Oberpfaffenhofen:

  • Development engineer for flight and water flight experiments as well as test flights

  • Numeric methods for the calculation of aircraft performance

Pilot Experience
  • More than 2.000 flying hours as air transport pilot in business aviation

  • Active collaboration in flight testing (Dornier Seastar, Zeppelin NT)

Engineer Education
  • Studies abroad at McGill University in Montreal (Focus: Numerical Simulation / Analysis)

  • Studies of Astronautics and Space Technology at Technical University, Munich