Unique Opportunity with Airborne Management



Demonstration- and Training flights in order to detect Risk Management Principles

- exclusively for the participants of course 3!

  • We do demonstration flights with the participants as integrated training activity

  • Factory-owned, high-class turbine aircraft is available for the seminars

  • Direct Consolidation of the Techniques and Methods through Live-Demonstration in the Cockpit

  • Transfer of the developed methods to other Branchs and Branch requirements

  • Long Lasting Experience of the Program Board as CEO of an Incorporated Company with Risk Management in Projects

  • With the help of demonstrative examples from flight control and the Aircraft Engineering Strategies for the own Branch and own projects can be deviated.




Project Experience in Aviation

The seminar concept was developed by Moving Terrain AG. Since 20 years there has been developed innovative Cockpit Equipment for Aircraft and Helicopters and brought to marketability successfully. Especially the reduction of flight risks by the factory-provided innovations is emphasized in expert groups as well as in the specialized press. For many years the company has run turbine aircraft for the flight testing of the developed systems. Through the developement work in completely new projects one looks back to a long lasting experience in Management at Moving Terrain AG.